Sunday, May 20, 2012

First blog of the year!

I decided since I am going on my second year of teaching, I need to start blogging about all of the crazy yet interesting things that happen within my classroom walls! I spent the last year teaching fifth grade in a rather energetic/disrespectful class. I'm hoping that my next adventure- teaching second grade will be enjoyable! I'm looking for new and creative things to do within my classroom. I can't wait to get started! Three days of school left and I will be on my way to planning next years endeavors! Here is my class photo from this year... I can only look and laugh! No more crying for this teacher!


  1. You survived!! What a way to break into teaching.. Right? Lol Bless your heart. I think you will really enjoy 2nd grade :-)

  2. It is SO obvious how much they love you. I know that this year has been tough, but trust me, you have made a difference. You are the only Jesus that some of them will EVER see. I'm SO proud of you!